Easter 2010 - Easter Bunny and Chicks

Rabbits and chicks represent the rebirth of Earth. Spring is a time when the Earth is literally reborn. Barren fields become lush green, trees get new foliage and flowers and fruits abound. The Easter bunny is definitely the most beloved symbol of Easter and extremely popular with children.

In fact, history indicates that it may have been the hare and not the rabbit that was associated with Easter. The hare is legendary because it is believed to never close its eyes – not even to blink. Rabbits on the other hand are born blind. Hares were thought to be staring at the full moon all through the night. The hare was also a symbol of fertility linked to the Greek goddess of fertility - Eostre. However, rabbits are more fertile than hare and far more prolific reproducers. Thus, the transition from the hare to the rabbit as a symbol of Easter.

source: historyofeaster .info