The Innovation of electronic cigarette

Smokers attempt to leave the goods according to the research has claimed many victims it will be very difficult to appear. Cigarette it may be too tempting to not be to be left for those already addicted. Even though the government always give warnings about the dangers of smoking (such as impotence, heart disease, pregnancy and fetal disorders, etc) in each cigarette packaging, but cigarettes are always drained from the producer-manufacturers. Is smoking more tantalizing sensation than the fear of the consequences can be sustained?

On the other hand, humans through technology had always wanted to do the innovations of new products that are expected to provide solutions to problems that occur on this earth and make life on this earth a better, easier. Although sometimes developing technology that sometimes cause new problems.

Electronic cigarette or better known as e-cigarette is a new type of cigarette that is expected to minimize the bad effects of conventional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette contains only nicotine and propylene glycol alone. Just compare with the conventional cigarettes that allegedly contain hundreds or even thousands toxic in it.

The electronic cigarette has 2 main parts, the first is Cartridge which is a container for storing nicotine and propylene glycol and some water where the content can be refilled (refill), the second part is the e cigarette batteries which can also be refilled. If you buy it you will get a starter kit Bundles. advantage of this kind of cigarettes do not cause smoke (just a little steam), certainly doesn’t require a match to light a cigarette tip, do not cause the smell in clothes, and can be smoked anywhere.