Easter Crafts: Easter Bonnet

You will need :
  • Flexible coloured cardboard
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon or crepe paper

Firstly draw a circle on the cardboard using a dinner plate as a guide then carefully cut round the line. Cut a straight line up towards the middle of your circle before folding the two sides over one another until to have a bonnet shape that is flat at the back and peaked at the front then secure.

Using lots of different coloured tissue paper cut out small pieces and scrunch or roll them up to create flowers to stick all over your bonnet or if you prefer just round the edges. Finally make a small hole on each side of your bonnet to thread through ribbon or a strip of crepe paper to create ties to hold your bonnet firmly in place.

An alternative Easter bonnet could be made using an old hat and fabric flowers to brighten it up and again adding brightly coloured ribbon to create ties.